Laws and regulations around cannabis vary by province and by municipality. The following laws and regulations apply to the city of Edmonton. ​​​​

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Where you can use cannabis: Smoking and vaping of cannabis products are permitted on North Campus in designated smoking/vaping areas (see map below).

From "Cannabis at the University of Alberta" by University of Alberta, 2018.

Behind Lister Centre

NW Corner of SUB

Behind Nipisiy House

*As of May 2019, the previous cannabis use zone near Rutherford library has been removed.

Augustana Campus: Smoking and vaping of cannabis is permitted in the plaza  behind the library and at the Gazebo.

Campus Saint-Jean: Smoking and vaping of cannabis products is permitted at  one location on campus, near the parking exit and the Daridon pavilion.

Where you can't use cannabis:

  • Inside residence buildings

  • At university events, including student group events

  • South Campus

  • Enterprise Square university premises


More questions about campus cannabis rules? Consult the University of Alberta Cannabis Working Group website and/or contact them at 


In Edmonton

Can you guess? Hover over each location to see whether its permitted or prohibited!

(Hint: Cannabis smoking/vaping is generally regulated in the same way as tobacco use)

Your Own Private Home

Designated Smoking Areas

Designated No Smoking Areas

Cannabis retailers

Bus Stop

Near a window or doorway



LRT & Buses

Playground & sports fields

Playground & sports fields

Hospital properties


For a complete list


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