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Smoking/vaping is permitted in

  • Your own private home (including yards, balconies). However, property owners, landlords, condo boards and rental companies may place their own restrictions on cannabis consumption and growing on their properties.

  • Designated cannabis smoking areas


Smoking/vaping is prohibited on/in

  • designated 'no smoking' areas

  • any building, including cannabis retailers

  • within 10m of a bus stop

  • within 10m of a building/patio doorway, window, or air intake

  • patios

  • bars

  • vehicles (unless used as a residence, e.g. a parked RV)

  • parks containing

    • a playground

    • a sports field

    • a skate/bicycle park

    • an outdoor theatre

    • an outdoor pool

    • a water spray park

    • a skating rink

    • an off-leash area

    • hospital properties

    • school properties

  • childcare facility properties

  • city-owned golf courses

  • cemeteries

  • ski hills

  • bus terminals

  • LRT platforms

  • Sir Winston Churchill Square

  • Fort Edmonton Park

  • The John Janzen Nature Centre

  • The Edmonton Valley Zoo

  • The Muttart Conservatory

  • William Hawrelak Park


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