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Lower risk guidelines / Cannabis & Your Airways


Effects of Cannabis Smoking on the Lung

Studies have shown that regular cannabis smoking results in visible & microscopic injuries to the large airways that is associated with increased risk of chronic bronchitis (1)

Safer alternatives

Vaporizers: Heat cannabis at temperatures lower than the combustion point and produce lower levels of tar than cigarettes. Users report fewer respiratory problems. However, these devices have also been shown to release ammonia, which can lead to asthma and bronchia spasms (2)



Edibles: Bypass respiratory effects BUT effects take longer to kick-in, so it may be more difficult to monitor doses, increasing the risk of overdose! (2)

Cannabis smoking and chemical exposure

Compared to cigarette smokers, cannabis smokers tend to inhale deeper and hold their breath longer, and cannabis is smoked at a shorter butt length and at a higher combustion temperature. This leads cannabis smokers to a 5x higher carbon monoxide concentration, 3x higher tar concentration, and increased retention of tar in the respiratory tract. (1,2) 

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